Know when the ‘Big Top’ isn’t yours!

This line isn’t my own work, but I seem to have found myself quoting this line a lot lately – ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’.

So simple but SO true!  We can only worry about the things we can change and THAT IS ALL!

You know what happens when we worry about other people’s monkeys and circus’??  We, and our loved ones miss out!

When worrying about other people’s monkeys and circus’ we can fail to see the awesome people and events immediately around us.  We miss out on fully appreciating all of our reasons to be grateful in our own lives!!

Its just a short blog today, but I urge to consider that everyone else’s monkeys and circus’ will continue on regardless of your input. 

Remember you can only change your own monkeys and your own circus……


Author: Sarah Choyce

Sarah helps people see opportunity and take action. Sarah is very 'real' and honestly shares skills and strategies to create more balance!

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