‘Preserving the miracle of antibiotics’

When was the last time you took a course of antibiotics?  Were you very unwell, or did you take them ‘just in case’?

This week’s topic may not seem particularly exciting.  But antibiotic resistance is already a serious health issue that will have more and more impacts if we don’t change the way we use them. End of story.

Does it surprise you to hear, as quoted by National Prescribing Service (NPS) Medicinewise that ‘The reality is that antibiotics are already losing their power’  – I don’t know about you, but that is a terrifying thought?!  What if you were the one with a superbug and it couldn’t be treated because the bacteria was resistant?

NPS Medicinewise also points out that ‘The more antibiotics are used, the more chances bacteria have to become resistant to them. You can help preserve the miracle of antibiotics by  being part of the solution – there are simple actions individuals can do to help  stop the spread of antibiotic  resistant infections.’

So, I can hear some people saying, well, I can’t do anything about that, well, actually, you can.  Here’s some simple steps you can take to get involved:

  • The next time you might require antibiotics – have a discussion with your doctor about the risks vs benefits and ascertain if antibiotics are really required esp. in time limiting conditions. (Good healthcare professionals want to know their consumers are informed and making the best health decisions they can with the information at hand)
  • If you do need antibiotics, and of course there will be times you do – take them exactly as directed  – this stops bacteria becoming resistant to  antibiotics in the future.

You can find more of the facts at http://www.nps.org.au/about-us/what-we-do/campaigns-events/antibiotic-awareness-week

This week, which is actually Antibiotic Awareness Week, the conversation needs to be about ….preserving the miracle of antibiotics….

Featured Image courtesy of NPS Medicinewise AAW2016

Author: Sarah Choyce

Sarah helps people see opportunity and take action. Sarah is very 'real' and honestly shares skills and strategies to create more balance!

One thought on “‘Preserving the miracle of antibiotics’”

  1. The last time I had to take antibiotics was for a bad case of tonsillitis, 2 years ago, which caused me to have my first DNS.

    It’s all about prevention. A healthy diet obviously helps, but don’t send sick kids to school or go to work sick. No need to be sharing caring.


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