Know what makes you tick.

Topic – Mental Fitness

Best way to look after your mental fitness – know your real self and know what you need.

It makes sense really, doesn’t it?  Knowledge is power – so if we know what our preferences are – we can work towards using that knowledge to choose a marvellous life?

No one else will benefit from this.  Just you, which is 100% the goal here!

Here’s a few questions to start you thinking about your level of self-awareness:

When was the last time you engaged in an activity you walked away from taking you could take on the world?

When did you get so irritated by something that it made you ‘explode’ or ‘implode’ as the case may be?

Do you prefer your own time or to be surrounded by people and/or sounds?

What do you do to ‘recharge’?

How do you prefer to approach conflict?

How do you show people you appreciate them being in your life?

Once we are consciously aware of the way we prefer things to be, life is more likely to be marvellous!  Decisions just get easier.

It is also important to remember – we should never stop learning about ourselves!!

While our basic values don’t tend to change much, our experiences do!  And we know experiences can have profound effects on how we view the world.  That’s why we need to keep checking in with ourselves to make sure the action we are taking, does indeed, line up with the person we are at that time.

These are a few great resources I can recommend to ‘check in’ with yourself

  • Via Character – – a free strength profiling website – you do a quick survey and in exchange for your email address, it gives you your results.
  • Personality Plus – there are lots of great personality sorters out there – this is one I have used and recommend – such an interesting exercise! There is also a ‘for Parents’ version of this one – personally, it answered lots of questions for me as a mother!
  • The Five Love Languages – a book, or I think there is an online version too, that profiles the way individuals prefer to give and receive ‘love’ – a must for anyone in a relationship!

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list – but these are ones I’ve used and encourage you to check out to move along on the ‘knowing yourself’ path. **  I receive no endorsements – I just genuinely liked them and feel they could help other people too.

In terms of knowing what you need – knowing yourself usually informs this – if I’m someone who avoids crowds – a music festival isn’t going to be relaxing for me, or if I like to be alone and i live in a shared house, these don’t match up, do they?!  You get the idea!

Please, be kind to yourself – be really conscious of knowing what makes you tick and take note of the positive effect on your mental fitness (and the moving closer to your marvellous life)!


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What are your strengths?

I was doing a bit of a quiz today and it assessed that ‘Love of Learning’ was high on my strengths list. So it seems, on the weekend I was playing to my strengths and I learnt (or rather was reminded of) all of these lessons:

  • There is something super special about pleasant unexpected events – you see, with my husband, we went on a bit of an adventure on the weekend – what I’d imagined was pretty average – but in fact what we got was so much more enriching than I thought it would have been!  And to be honest, I’m still on a high!
  • Going somewhere you have never been before every once in awhile is refreshing.  The Dalai Lama was spot on.  I have felt more receptive and present since going there.
  • Meeting good people restores your faith that they still exist.  People who are genuine and authentic are the ones who fit into my ‘good people’ category.  The type who do what they say they will for no personal gain.  If you are looking for some of these, I honestly believe they are at a higher saturation in rural areas.
  • Rural communities are truly extraordinary.  What you see is what you get.  The common goal is appreciation of just how lucky we are as humans to live where we live.
  • Laughter really is good for you – How good would it be if, that as a health professional, I could advise someone to ‘…go and have a good belly laugh…’  And to inform them they aren’t doing it right until they are struggling to breath due to their intense laughter!  I had one of these laughs on the weekend, and still 24 hours later, even the thought of that time makes me chuckle.  The long lasting happy effects of a good belly laugh cannot be ignored!
  • Reliving happy days from your younger years can be a whole lot of fun.  On the weekend, I felt like I had ‘gone back in time’ and was reliving my youth – in a good way, for sure!  Thus, proving, deja vu can be awesome!
  • You can’t plan everything – wisely or not, I went along with my husband making most of the plans for the weekend we just had.  There was a moment last week that a little anxiety struck me, but as it turned out, I had nothing to worry about – things just worked out!
  • Just enjoy the ride – normally, I’m the planner, but something else I learnt on the weekend is that sometimes you need to ‘let it go’ (for all the Frozen fans, and their parents!)  Sometimes just going along for the ride is all part of the learning.

Reflecting on the positives of an experience a valuable exercise, as is knowing your strengths.

Do you know your strengths?

If not, how about this week you set about discovering them?  There are many websites that you can help, but to get the ball rolling, ask someone close to you if you need somewhere to start!  You might just be pleasantly surprised!