Are you sweet?

It’s official!  I’m an affiliate of “I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson” – not complicated, I just like her approach to food, and I thought since I already recommend this book to people, I might as well see something for it!  In case you are wondering, I don’t get paid directly for writing about her products, however I do receive commission if you purchase from her online shop via the link below.

Now, I’m not going to tell you any untruths – I’m not completely sugar free.  It is however, safe to say that I try to stick to a low sugar, particularly a low fructose arrangement.

One of the values here at Wellness Assist is that I wouldn’t suggest you to do anything I wouldn’t do or anything that wasn’t sustainable.  I’ve been eating this way for some time, like probably close to 2 years, and can safely say I have felt so much better for it.  I haven’t been extreme, I’m all about moderation, so before you judge, know that I also believe what has actually happened is that we have become so much more conscious of increasing our real food intake.

Real food, you ask? This is my line – if you are looking through an ingredient list and there is an one listed that your grandparents wouldn’t recognise – its probably not real food!  Food companies try to baffle us with all of their marketing, when really all of the additives they put in are mostly to make it last longer and look better – not to make it more nutritious for us.  This sits well with the other concept that I really like that I’ve seen from Sarah Wilson is #JERF – Just Eat Real Food – again, I say, I think this has absolutely been a by product of decreasing my sugar intake.

Anyways, enough about me – I wanted to tell you about the first book of Sarah Wilson’s that got me really questioning what I was eating.  Funnily enough, it was actually a gift from a gorgeous friend – she knew I had been improving how we ate and thought I might appreciate the book.  Turns out she got it right and well, here I am!

iqsThis is the book.  Photo credit: yours truly 🙂

So much of the information really just sat well with me, and as nurse prompted me to read more about sugar being an addictive substance, the effect it has on growing brains, as the  longer term effects that I already knew related to lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

The book is laid out really simply and is easy to read.  The 8 week sugar quitting program gently approaches the subject and then gradually works to cutting out fructose completely.  As I mentioned, sugar is an addictive substance, so, as such, there is bound to be a withdrawal phase.  Again, I’m not going to lie, withdrawing from sugar feels awful while its happening, but SO good not very long afterwards.  Have you ever heard anyone say ‘I didn’t realise how bad I felt until I felt better’ – that’s how it felt for me!

I loved the simplicity of the recipes and that substituting was ok!  I also liked that there were different bases that you could adapt to what the family liked that day! (I don’t know about yours, but just when I think I’ve found a favourite, my children will declare they don’t like it!!)

I think perhaps my favourite part, its a tough one, but I really like the ‘hash meals’.  I love that there aren’t precise amounts, but the mixture of flavours go SOOO well together – who’d have thought putting coconut with vegetables and sauteeing it would be so tasty.  Keeping it simple is sometimes the best!

To be honest, there were a few recipes in the book that I didn’t think I’d ever cook – but I have and been pleasantly surprised. I have this system where I have a tick on the recipes I’ve tried, and I’m now close enough that I am on a mission to have this messy tick on every page!

Since this book, I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson has grown in popularity.   She has released more great practical recipes and books, digital and print, to help people along in their no to low fructose styles of eating.  I have a couple more of them too, I will tell you about those another day!

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the I Quit Sugar online store – if you do it through the link below and buy something, I get a kick!

Have a great week!