Do you play?

Did you know that it was the National Day of Real Play on Sunday?

As an adult, when was the last time you played, like really played?  That is, a time when you were totally removed from the world around you – like small children are when you are calling them and you needed to leave the house 10 minutes ago…

Here’s a few points I wanted to point out and share with you:

  • We know that play is important for good mental health for both adults and children.
  • We all could benefit from making time for play as part of our own self-care as adults.  Even I have to remind myself that it is 100% ok to take some time to play for my own benefit!  Its really easy to be ‘busy’ but the downtime that play provides is so beneficial on many levels.
  • Headspace – the National Youth Mental Health Foundation agrees that play is beneficial.  They identify that play has many purposes, some being that it can help reduce stress and anxiety and importantly is a method of recharging our tired batteries.
  • You don’t have to plan play – the whole idea is that you are free with no arrangements – just go with the flow and see how it feels!
  • If you have children, play beside them!  The interesting part about play is that its like a compliment – it is as good for the adult playing as the child who gets to have their adult alongside of them.

Here’s an idea – how about instead of thinking about the next task you need to complete or that you are so far from ticking off the items on your to-do list, take five minutes and have a play!  I look forward to hearing your ‘play’ stories!