Welcome to 2017 and the launch of ‘I Choose Marvellous’.

This will be a journey (a free one too, by the way!)

The journey will prepare you to choose a marvellous life.

It will not provide magic fixes, overnight solutions or down right crazy expectations.

It will however, provide you with some thinking material, so you are able to choose what is the right way for you and your family to be marvellous.

It promises to be entertaining and honest, but there will be some action to be taken at your end. Are you up for it?

As discussed in the Facebook Live video (if you missed it, you can find it on Wellness Assist’s facebook page) – there is no one size fits all solution to finding sustainable wellness.

‘I Choose Marvellous’ will address some big ticket items when it comes to wellness – but it won’t provide all the answers – you have to take some responsibility if you want to move forward.

Each month there will be a live recording, short blogs, tips, thinking points, and articles on the foundations of choosing to live a marvellous life.  We’ll cover aspects of physical and mental fitness to conflict resolution and lots in between!

I also need to tell you that not every word, spoken or printed will have come solely from me.  You see, I have read alot, lived a little, observed and come up with what I think matters for sustainable wellness.  Along the way, I will acknowledge the sources I have drawn information from.

The reason I’ve chosen to launch ‘I Choose Marvellous’ is really to wholeheartedly acknowledge that wellness is a process.  So, please, come along on the journey so you can choose to be marvellous!



Nope, this isn’t a CrossFit post, WOD isn’t referring to the Workout of the Day, but instead an issue that deserves our attention – October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day(WOD).

The reason we have an annual WOD is to raise awareness and take early action to look after our bones and muscles.

Osteoporosis is thought of as being a disease of older people, however, often the risk factors are present earlier in life. It has been referred to as a silent disease and this is why knowing what the risk factors are can help us to be proactive.

Osteoporosis is more common in females and your risk also increases if you have a direct relative with an osteoporotic fracture.  There are also some conditions, medications and ways of eating that can affect bone density.  That said, there is a simple test that can be done to see if you are affected.

Again, its about knowing your risk factors and doing what you can to protect your health.

I’ve talked about this notion before – know your risk (in this case for Osteoporosis) and take appropriate action – knowledge is power!!

Even before you trip off to the GP, there are 5 steps you can take to healthy bones and to be free of fractures (except for accidents – we can’t stop those!)

As according to this is the action you can take:


The 5 steps to healthy bones and a fracture-free future:

1. Exercise regularly

Weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening and balance-training exercises are best.

2. Ensure a diet rich in bone-healthy nutrients

Calcium, vitamin D and protein are the most important for bone health. Safe exposure to sunshine will help you get enough vitamin D.

3. Avoid negative lifestyle habits

Maintain a healthy body weight, avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

4. Find out whether you have risk factors

and bring these to your doctor’s attention, especially if you’ve had a previous fracture or have specific diseases and medications that affect bone health.

5. Get tested and treated if needed

If you’re at high risk you will likely need medication to ensure optimal protection against fracture.

For more information on each of these steps click here.


Have you got risk factors? Talk to your doctor, ask for testing.

If you are over the age of 50 and you have one or more risk factors you should discuss these with your doctor and ask for an assessment of your bone health status. Lifestyle changes may be recommended and, for those at high risk, medication may be prescribed for optimal protection against fractures.


So, on Thursday, for WOD – ask yourself many of the 5 steps you can ‘tick off’ and take on the responsibility to #loveyourbones !!