My house is still messy.

Changing your perspective really can be a personally restorative act.

Let me explain – take cleaning the house for example – I feel like it’s a chore, so, given a chance, I avoid it! If I just took the view that by keeping the house clean it would be easier to live here, things might be different…(note, I haven’t mastered this yet and as a result always struggle to keep the house respectable!)

It’s the same with exercise – if we see it as a chore, quite simply, it will be!

But yet if we see it as not only being protective of our physical health but also our mental health – the game suddenly changes!!  When we are soaking up endorphins and achieving – we can easily choose our marvellous life, largely because we are feeling strong and confident from our efforts.  Are you following?

Perspective by definition is “a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view”**  We make our best decisions when we can be aware of our own attitudes and points of view.

Now for the questions – how do you view physical activity?

Do you do it because you love the endorphins or because you think you should because of that chocolate slice you had for morning tea (or similar)?

What if you chose to view physical activity as an act of self-care and not torture?  It puts a whole new perspective on it really, doesn’t it?

Do you think choosing to change your perspective would make your life more marvellous?

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Motivation is rubbish?

So, let me explain why I’ve boldly claimed that motivation is rubbish….

I’m going to use your car to further explain:

Relying on motivation is equivalent to having to connect the battery leads on your car each day, instead of just turning the key in the ignition to start the engine.  Turning the key to start your car is an act you undertake when you want to start your car each day, isn’t it?  It’s logical and automated, and you do it without much thought.   (Psst, this is how habits ‘are’ in a sustainably healthy life)

To be honest, I wouldn’t be sure HOW to connect the battery each day and to be more honest, I couldn’t be bothered? Could you?

Ok, I know some people would choose to do it for awhile, but could you keep doing it every day, knowing you needed to do it everyday to get anywhere??

Motivation usually comes in short bursts too – because change is desired.  Habits, on the other hand are a commitment to who you are growing to be.

You get in your car because you know why and where you are going.  Similarly, if your habits support your values, goals and your ‘why’, you will do them with ease.  What you do everyday matters!

Do you really think you would or could connect the leads before you leave home each day, forever?  As if it isn’t enough of a struggle to get to work on time, without having to think about which leads go on which battery terminal???

Does that make sense?  If we can make sustainably healthy habits something we do automatically without a thought, we have more time to focus on nurturing and choosing our marvellous life!

A little deep I know – but I thought it was an excellent comparison to highlight that what we do everyday matters!

Good health information can guide habits that change lives.

I ask you to try it!

Try starting a new positive habit – do it for a week to start with, if you love it, try committing to it for a month.  Review it after a month and see what’s different? Or if you would go back to not having it in your life.

Plan, do, review and change according to findings – know sustainable good health is a process!  Make the process a habit, and it will go a long way to helping you choose a marvellous life!

Have a great week!


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Goals…the last word.

Still no talk about SMART goals – only the ‘real and honest’ details found here.  The last word on goals is that we need to know where we are going so we can purposefully live our lives and move forward.

Simply by coming up with goals in 2017 you are already ahead of so many people. Celebrate the win!

What becomes the true defining moments, though, is if you are still looking at them and on your way to achieving them, come March, June, September or December!  I say that because goals have a tendency fall away, if we don’t TAKE ACTION to make them happen EVERY DAY!!

We need to see our handwritten (yes, not typed) goals, everyday and goals need to be reviewed on a regular basis – for some people this is monthly, others its longer, depending on the person and the goal.

To recap the month and also to set goals we require:

  • A connection to them – Remember how I asked you to write down what excites you and how then becomes the basis of your goals?  Your goals SHOULD excite you!  This excitement wholeheartedly connects us to our goals.
  • A true desire to achieve them – you cannot half-heartedly want to achieve your goals – you either want them to happen or you need to review your goals!
  • An image in our mind of what it will physically look and feel like –  If you haven’t thought about this, how do you ever expect to get there or even for some goals – know what it feels like?
  • Knowledge of why the goals are so important to you – When you know your why, the actually achieving the goals becomes easy – there needs to be no question in your mind about the reasons you want what you want!

So, go forth, be sure to also:

  • measure your progress (so you know how far you have come) and
  • celebrate your wins (in your own ways)

And keep in your mind, not all goals will be earth shattering, some will be small and may seem insignificant, but it’s all PROGRESS.  Setting and achieving goals is about constantly improving and ‘being better than yesterday’.

What excites you?

Have you written down what excites you yet?  You see, this was the task after listening to the first ‘I Choose Marvellous’ Facebook Live session.  To get started with your goals, write down what excites you.  Go on, do it now.

This can be more challenging than you think!  When was the last time you really thought about the things that excite you?

Sometimes as adults we get so caught up in what we ‘have to’ do we don’t get to think about what excites us!  Here’s your chance – when we know what we want or where we would like to be, creating plans to get ‘there’ get a whole lot easier!!

Here are the dot points on goals that I want you take away:

  • We all know about the SMART goals framework – so I’m not going to cover this – if you aren’t familiar with it – just google it.
  • We are talking about next level goal setting here, goals so personalised that they get you out of bed in the morning, to make sure they happen!
  • Goals need to be written down – there is something really powerful about your own handwriting!  And put somewhere you can see them everyday.
  • You need to be accountable for your goals – one way to do this is to tell someone you trust, someone who has your back all the details of your plan – so they can diplomatically inquire about the goals from time to time – this keeps you honest.
  • You have to own your goals, or in other words take responsibility for them – don’t use someone else’s, that’s just silly.  If you own them, they are yours and no one can take them away, but by owning them, means you are the only one who can make them happen!
  • Measure your progress – it is like when you are doing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you compare what you have done to the box – it doesn’t matter if you have only done the borders, at least you have started and know how much you have to go until you finish it.
  • You must celebrate wins – a win is any progress.  Every step along the way to a goal is a win.  Whilst I’m not suggesting crackers and fireworks every time you get ahead, celebrating wins keeps us in the game.  It allows us to ‘review’ if you like how far we’ve come and ultimately keeps us on track by making the progress seem worthwhile.

Wow, my blogs this year were going to be shorter than 2016….I think this one is not. Goals are just so crucial to choosing marvellous lives that I don’t apologise for this longer than expected post!

If you haven’t already, write down the things that excite you and get thinking.  Thinking about how you can have more of them in 2017 and beyond!!



Welcome to 2017 and the launch of ‘I Choose Marvellous’.

This will be a journey (a free one too, by the way!)

The journey will prepare you to choose a marvellous life.

It will not provide magic fixes, overnight solutions or down right crazy expectations.

It will however, provide you with some thinking material, so you are able to choose what is the right way for you and your family to be marvellous.

It promises to be entertaining and honest, but there will be some action to be taken at your end. Are you up for it?

As discussed in the Facebook Live video (if you missed it, you can find it on Wellness Assist’s facebook page) – there is no one size fits all solution to finding sustainable wellness.

‘I Choose Marvellous’ will address some big ticket items when it comes to wellness – but it won’t provide all the answers – you have to take some responsibility if you want to move forward.

Each month there will be a live recording, short blogs, tips, thinking points, and articles on the foundations of choosing to live a marvellous life.  We’ll cover aspects of physical and mental fitness to conflict resolution and lots in between!

I also need to tell you that not every word, spoken or printed will have come solely from me.  You see, I have read alot, lived a little, observed and come up with what I think matters for sustainable wellness.  Along the way, I will acknowledge the sources I have drawn information from.

The reason I’ve chosen to launch ‘I Choose Marvellous’ is really to wholeheartedly acknowledge that wellness is a process.  So, please, come along on the journey so you can choose to be marvellous!

Be festive and enjoy!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Decorations are up, Christmas shopping is well, almost done, and children are a couple of weeks in to school holidays….I’m not going to lie, the latter is testing my patience, right this minute!

However, my message, for this, the last blog for 2016 is to be grateful and enjoy the festive season.

I’m going to focus on just a couple of things during this holiday season to make it a memorable one – here they are:

Be grateful – I’ve already, sometimes through gritted teeth, been repeating this to my children in the last few weeks.  Its pretty simple, when we focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have, it allows us to be more grateful.

Be present – not the wrapped type!  Take some time each day to use your senses and notice the fabulous sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Christmas – we really are surrounded by some wonderful things – use the holidays as time to absorb them!

Eat mindfully – not continuously.  I don’t know about you, but when there is yummy food around, I just want to eat it.  But this festive season, I’m going to really try to take a minute before putting tasty morsels in my mouth to ask – do I need this? or do I want this? or am I just eating this because its in front of me?

Enjoy your people and your holidays (if you are lucky enough to have a break) – your people might be your family or friends or colleagues (if you have to work!) – It’s Christmas – be festive and enjoy the time!!  And, just a heads up, nobody will want to be around you if you obviously aren’t enjoying Christmas! And if you aren’t a Christmas person, pretend – who knows, it might just even get you in the spirit!

As I mentioned, this is my last blog for 2016 – next week, I’ll be taking my own advice and enjoying my festive season.

I look forward to 2017 and continuing to bring you blogs on health-related topics – if you have any feedback on the blog – I’d love to hear it – both good and bad 🙂

Merry Christmas

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Are you in front?

I’ve seen it in a few places on social media now and I remember it starting about this time last year too.

Have you seen it?

It’s the quote

‘If you haven’t started working on your (insert year) goals yet then you are already behind’

Well, I think I’m doing ok, whilst I don’t have anything written down, I have some sizeable ideas floating around in my head. Do you?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I have a couple of holidays booked, which will have subsequent savings goals associated with them. And also a personal goal to just to enjoy the moments as much as possible.

I have some exciting new directions for my business, Wellness Assist, in mind. These include helping other people achieve their health and wellness goals.

One big fitness goal – which will tick off a bucket list item!

Ok, so I do still have some work to do, I know already I will achieve more than these in 2017.  But hey, its a start and sometimes that’s all it takes to make a big difference, both personally and professionally.

You see, having goals gives you focus and you get what you focus on. Simple.  Think of it as a road map, or GPS if you will, so you know where you’re going. I know I can’t navigate major cities without a GPS, so of course when it comes to life, isn’t it obvious that you need a map too??

I have found that goals let us make the most of the time we have.

And we all know time is so precious.

So, if you aren’t sure where to start:

First – work out or remind yourself what’s important to YOU in YOUR life!  This becomes your ‘Why’.

Once you can be clear on your ‘Why’, the how will become so ridiculously clear.

That is all, now go, put yourself in front by familiarising yourself with your ‘Why’ and start making some 2017 plans!!!


Anything is possible.

Determination and dedication.

True commitment and grit.

Action Takers.

I witnessed all of these on the weekend at Ironman. For the uninitiated, Ironman consists of swimming, cycling and running…. and a lot of them!  For the Ironman 70.3 – they swim 1.9km in the ocean, cycle 90km and run 21.1km and for Ironman – they unbelievably do a 3.8km swim (also in the ocean), 180km cycle and 42.2km run. Yep. Phenomenal!! As you can imagine, this is well and truly more than a ‘one-off’ hour of effort!

We have just had a massive weekend of Ironman (spectating!) so just a short (and late) post this week.

Whilst supporting at Ironman (I’ve been to  4 separate events now) I noticed:

  • There is no body shape or size that determines who can finish an Ironman.
  • Yes, there are some strong legs and lean muscles.
  • There are bodies that would be described as solid and also petite.
  • There were vision impaired athletes (who had a buddy athlete to guide them).  There was also a man with paraplegia, truly remarkable.
  • Training for such an event matters!! And in actual fact the day of Ironman could be seen as a celebration of all of the commitment and action taken in the months leading up to the event.
  • Some spills had and injuries were sustained on the day – some of those people kept competing.
  • No doubt, there were so many feelings experienced – from insults to the mind and body all the way to undoubtedly some incredible feelings of elation and satisfaction.
  • what they all had in common though, is a big heart – you don’t keep on keeping on for up to 17 hours (that’s the time cut off) without one!

And it maybe a little cliche, but true to one of Ironman’s mottos, it is the ultimate demonstration of ‘Anything is Possible’

And I’ll tell you this for free – if you need your faith restored in what the body and mind is capable of – go and spectate at an Ironman! Or maybe you will take it on yourself??!!

So here’s to all Ironman finishers (70.3 and 140.6) out there – I salute you!!


What are your strengths?

I was doing a bit of a quiz today and it assessed that ‘Love of Learning’ was high on my strengths list. So it seems, on the weekend I was playing to my strengths and I learnt (or rather was reminded of) all of these lessons:

  • There is something super special about pleasant unexpected events – you see, with my husband, we went on a bit of an adventure on the weekend – what I’d imagined was pretty average – but in fact what we got was so much more enriching than I thought it would have been!  And to be honest, I’m still on a high!
  • Going somewhere you have never been before every once in awhile is refreshing.  The Dalai Lama was spot on.  I have felt more receptive and present since going there.
  • Meeting good people restores your faith that they still exist.  People who are genuine and authentic are the ones who fit into my ‘good people’ category.  The type who do what they say they will for no personal gain.  If you are looking for some of these, I honestly believe they are at a higher saturation in rural areas.
  • Rural communities are truly extraordinary.  What you see is what you get.  The common goal is appreciation of just how lucky we are as humans to live where we live.
  • Laughter really is good for you – How good would it be if, that as a health professional, I could advise someone to ‘…go and have a good belly laugh…’  And to inform them they aren’t doing it right until they are struggling to breath due to their intense laughter!  I had one of these laughs on the weekend, and still 24 hours later, even the thought of that time makes me chuckle.  The long lasting happy effects of a good belly laugh cannot be ignored!
  • Reliving happy days from your younger years can be a whole lot of fun.  On the weekend, I felt like I had ‘gone back in time’ and was reliving my youth – in a good way, for sure!  Thus, proving, deja vu can be awesome!
  • You can’t plan everything – wisely or not, I went along with my husband making most of the plans for the weekend we just had.  There was a moment last week that a little anxiety struck me, but as it turned out, I had nothing to worry about – things just worked out!
  • Just enjoy the ride – normally, I’m the planner, but something else I learnt on the weekend is that sometimes you need to ‘let it go’ (for all the Frozen fans, and their parents!)  Sometimes just going along for the ride is all part of the learning.

Reflecting on the positives of an experience a valuable exercise, as is knowing your strengths.

Do you know your strengths?

If not, how about this week you set about discovering them?  There are many websites that you can help, but to get the ball rolling, ask someone close to you if you need somewhere to start!  You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Are you SunSmart?

So, its only 32 days until Christmas, which means Summer is upon us! With summer comes more outdoorsy activities, and with that comes more exposure to the Sun and it’s harmful effects.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs some time in the sun to keep their Vitamin D levels up, but you just need to be smart about it, get it, SunSmart, hehehe (apologies for the Dad joke!)

This week its National Skin Care Action week, an annual event reminding Australians of just how important it is to stay protected from the sun!

Skin cancer kills more than 5 people per day. (Source: Cancer Council Australia)

With that statistic in mind, can you remember your #SunSmart5 this summer??  C’mon who remembers the advertisements – first, like when I was at school (ok, it was a little while ago now!) it was just Slip, Slop Slap and since we have wised up, we’ve added Seek shade and Slide on sunglasses.

Just by doing the SunSmart5 – you are significantly reducing your skin cancer risk.

So we’re clear and directly quoting the Cancer Council Australia:

During National Skin Cancer Action Week, we are reminding Australians to slip on sun-protective clothing, slop on SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen, slap on a broad-brimmed hat, seek shade and slide on sunglasses.

Its simple – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

Ok, so you’ve mastered the SunSmart5 – what else can you do?

  • Understand what the UV rating scale is all about – sometimes its at the end of the news, in the weather section – Tip:  if the UV rating is lower than 3 – that might be a good time to get your dose of Vitamin D mentioned above.
  • If you want a tan – go fake! (Wellness Assist absolutely does not encourage ‘fakeness’ in any other situation! At any other time we are about being real, honest, sustainable, balanced and achieveable!)
  • Do regular skin checks – know what’s your ‘normal’ – if anything changes, get it checked out as a matter of urgency.

SunSmart5 + Wellness Assist’s 3 tips – whilst there are no guarantees, this advice should see you well placed to being proactive on taking care of your skin.

You’re welcome.